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36 Days of Song Artwork

After already taking part in the infamous 36 Days of Type annual challenge on Instagram, I decided to make my own challenge this year. Instead of doing letters, I choose a song beginning with that letter and set myself the task of creating a daily render based on the song. Using Cinema 4D with Octane Render, I was able to create these pieces. Check out my story on Instagram to see the songs that inspired each piece.

KAIYO – Floral EP Music Visualiser

After using Photoshop to edit the EP artwork using two provided assets of sky and rose photographs, I was given free creative rein to create a series of loops, and mix them together for a visualiser accompanying the music. Using Cinema 4D, I created a 3D space that featured both assets, provided in a series of loops. The loops were then mixed using After Effects to make a full-feature visualiser to the beat of the music. A loop was also used for the Spotify Canvas.

Beardyman – Live Stream

During a motion graphics course from Created Academy, I was challenged with a brief by the live visual artist company FIFO. The brief set out to create a series of pre-rendered motion graphic loops, that would accompany a pre-recorded live streaming set by the British beatboxer Beardyman. Using Cinema 4D and After Effects I created a concept response to the brief.

During the development stage I created a series of experiment loops

The Weeknd – High for This Lyric Video

Whilst studying motion graphics with Created Academy, the brief of creating social media content for an Instagram music campaign was set by George Dyson from Greedy Goons. For the campaign I created a lyric video using Cinema 4D and After Effects. Two versions were used, shown from two different perspectives.